Purchase and Delivery of
All photo-prints are on Kodak Professional Paper
'Archival' or 'Museum Quality' when acid-free mounts and
adhesives are used in framing. This guarantees for the
client 3-5 centuries of viewing  pleasure.

The LAMBDA process is that of 'traditional' photo
printsand papers made by shining light on
photo-sensitive paper in a dark room except that here
the negative is a digital file, the light is by laser and the
darkroom a huge multi-million dollar steel box.

All prints have a 3 year Guarantee by the supplier, that
any non-framing or storage related imperfections in
paper, print color or tone will ensure a re-print.

All prints are titled and signed with edition number. The
Artist's signature can be on the back of work by request.

The dimensions of the white (or other colour) border /
background will also be at the discretion of the client

All prints to be overseen and proofed for quality by the
artist and checked before packaging by trained gallery

Deliveries by DHL  in Damage-proof tube with full
shipment tracking & quality assurance.
Limited Edition Prints
Dimensions, Editions and Prices.  Unframed
ASEAN                                                                                60

USA, Canada                                                                      85

Europe                                                                               95

Africa, Latin-America                                                        95
Lambda photo Prints         Edition      Prices: Thai Baht  /  US Dollars

1.      200cm x 142 cm              3              70,000  Baht          $2,300

2.      170cm x 120 cm              5               60, 000 Baht         $1,900

3.      150cm x 105 cm             10              50,000  Baht         $1,640

4.      120 cm x 85 cm              10              40, 000 Baht         $1,300

5.       84  cm x 59 cm              20              30, 000 Baht         $ 984

6.       59 cm x  42 cm              30              20, 000 Baht         $ 656
Destination                                                               Price