These  paintings  have  been  made , or rather  “grown”  in  Thailand, USA, Spain and England. Their  imagery  is drawn from landscape, the urban environment, and
a mix of abstract, figurative and invented forms. They are, however,  very “abstract”  in that  the  canvas becomes a stage or theatre in  which I develop a  “drama“ of
colour, and different shapes and  materials into a  “unity,”  but not necessarily  “harmony”.

I  try to  breathe life into materials, to make them come alive, in an alchemical sense: base metal to gold. That transformation is the essence of both Magic  and  Art .

I  play  with  ambiguities  and  tricks  of  perception : Rendering “ real things “  with   abstract   shapes  and   marks , and  by  the  way  some shapes  can  be  “read’  
in  different  ways. So, a  cloud,  for  example could  appear both as a head, a  buffalo, and an ocean liner.

I  use and juxtapose different  materials, effects and styles  in a  search for  interest, surprise, and new, strange, kinds of  “beauty.”  Some of these beauties  may be
meancing, dark and scary: as they give the  'lovely' and 'pure,' greater  meaning.

They  “ grow “  like  people  or  plants , and  I  facilitate  their  becoming  ,  but  they  have  their  own   unique  identities. I  feel  more like a  midwife or  gardener  than
“proud  father. “ I love the transformational potential of painting. Where the material can combine in a sort of 'fission' which transcends the 'base' material in an
alchemic sense.

Like my recent 'photo-paintings. My painting/mixed media work has been a search for a language, of feeling and image bale to make complex statements, address
multiple issues, an exploration of material and form to describe or mirror inner and outer realities.
Painting and Mixed Media
'The Mysterious Matter'