My family moved to  the lush river valleys of rural Wiltshire when I was  4. The tiny village of Idmiston has no shop or pub but a Gothic12th century church instead!
Services held in the church of the next village which boasted a shop and a pub. However much of my youthful free-time was spent on riverbanks and in woods
usually trying to kill varieties of wildlife by lines and snares, catapaults, home-made cross-bolts etc but with the exception of trout usually failed to kill land animals
(often to see the projectile just bounce off the insensitive and unharmed critter)  and never became dominant in the food chain like Tarzan.
I  spent whole days exploring woods and copses that wereislands in huge wheatfields and cut off from regular transeunts and which had reverted to authentic
wildness and were usually stuffed full ofwildlife. The camping and night-fishing gave us an unromantic idea of nature as what could be wet , miserable and horribly
cold even in summertime. Despite this Ihave experienced frequently the bonding sensation with nature of which the mysics speak, and never feel alone amongst

. Despite this in school holidays with a classmate in Rousseau Vs Robinson Crousseau style we would plot a week's hike via paths to avoid populated areas , and
take only food for one meal on the assumption we would steal or nature provide the rest, for instance, hilariously  dangerous but successful raids on Bee hives.  

In my teens I did a lot of landscape painting. Landscape as idea generator for colour and form, composition and surface was and still is important as base
ingredients for any more elaborate art intentions. I became very proficient in colour mixing and matching despite my school's very poor quality powder pigment
plus PVA acrylic glue as medium. My village lies 6 miles outside Salisbury with a 30 minute bus ride through rich valleys (Sonehenge and the neolithic Giant Chalk
White horses cut into the hillsides were 6 miles in the opposite direction. ) But I would look out and pick fields , trees , Skies or whatnot to quickly call out the
colours to myself : like a litany on how to  mix and match the exact shade. i.e. Sap Green, naples yellow, a little medium Cadmium red, and a touch of white' next :
'Pthalo Blue,..a little......'A colour mixing mantra
The Expressionist Landscape In Thailand, In Downtown Bangkok and Wiltshire, England
'Thai , Lao, and Bangkok Land, Sea, and River- Scapes'  
'English Landscapes: My village and elsewhere'