On moving downtown from the rustic river community outside Bangkok I became fascinated with the expressive qualities of the High -Tech glittering glass and steel
sky-scapers seen as abstract painting of the late-modernist/Optical styles.The reflections  within them from clouds and nearby infrastructure or  contrasted
occasionally  appear as poignant symbols and revelations of inner feeling in moments when the city itself seems to wish to communicate beauty  like a gift, an
oracular vision, or insight, to those who look and feel carefully. Animism is the projection of inner feeling onto exterior objects and what engages as an artist or
audience: a natural capacity to fill or charge the world with our own emotions , stories, hopes and fears. In this sense these works are of that tradition.
The Labyrinth of Angels is a play on the Thai label for Bangkok: ‘City of Angels’ &  Ariadne's Minotaur Myth

Labyrinth aptly describes the hidden beauties and surprises to be discovered within BKK's maze- like streets:  secret staircases and trap-doors to other sharply
contrasting times , values and visions, tastes

Bangkok to me is a Prescient Entity : at night the city seems to blink,  breathe: in the animist sense, speaking sometimes directly in oracular signs, in sporadic,
creepily beautiful visual eventsevents.

An Oracular Bangkok Revealing  the Internal Cityscape: Through my varied responses and projections, the city is both my source and subject, blended together in
an internalized dialogue My work becomes a conversation / exchange between myinner and outer environments and  
internal cityscape.
The city by day  may appear harsh and ugly yet even the most barren street receives daily 15 seconds of transfiguring beauty if one waits long enough.
Photo Series   2003 - 2010         'Bangkok As Means of Expression'