Video Projections       2007-2010
'Bangkok in  Seven Forms of Ambiguity                             Gallery 6
Experimentation with the moving image began in 2007, but always intended for large scale projection on screen or wall. A  cinema-size screen  was employed at
their public debut my exhibition at the Intercontinental Hotel 2008.   They consist of slow dizzolves of selected images where the transitions and order of the
images tell an emotive  narrative between the slowly shifting forms of beauty melting into ieach other and  where the ambiguity between the images is the driving
force.  This basic technique allows me to connect and fuse varieties of visual  form and  from landscape and , Architecture, fauna and flora.  A journey into the
abstract beauties of bangkok and Thailand in Lanscape and surface 'skin.'
All videos have a sound-track. Please turn up the sound to enjoy. To Play Videos:  Click on image or text and wait a few seconds
(sometimes up to 20) for the Quicktime screen interface to open. Maximize the screen and click 'play'