My titles attempt to help orient the viewer into a picture, sometimes to try to say what I think is happening in it, or to simply say what to look for, which may take a
little time. Sometimes the poetic sounds of chosen words echo the feeling in the picture. Sometimes  images suggest memories, and  with those memories are
associatied smells and  emotions related to those unique moments. My titles are sometimes a list of those associations and smells. I want to check with you
that you have the same associations, and hope you will share yours as equally valid.  Sometimes I employ humour or a certain irony as a counterpoint. Only the
most serious things are worth making jokes about. Some pictures have had many titles, depending on how I feel, I choose, and change them over time. They are
short poems, and, like my pictures, are not attempting the same intention, but all share the same aim : to help an unknown spectator to orient themselves to
understand enough for a springboard to their own imagination the visual drama they are presented with. For a greater entertainment .
PHOTO-COLLAGE     2006-2008
                 'Between Ghosts and Machines'    
The 'Mirror' or 'Janus'  Image can make ordinary objects or scenes more intense with a beauty both strange and magical through the ambiguity created .
'Between Ghosts and Machines' is a multi-purpose metaphor: Just as the city landscape , and buildings are a complex apparatus, bustling by day, and haunted by
night,  as if 'peopled' by the ghostly presence of all the transient spirits  who had passed through over the  years. The human animal  is also part  bio-machine,
part museum of personal and cultural experience, driven by hope, desire and the shifting pasts of individual and collective memory. Double Headed Janus, which
is the pre-Freudian universal symbol of complexity of self between needs and desires and doubts, has been a big formal feature in my work over the last few
years. Bangkok Janus features select images from my Bangkok neighbourhood and 'voodoo Village from Landscapes  and surfaces in Thailnand and England.