Photo-Paintings   2010 - 2011    Bangkok Beauties
'Animals permeate our linguistic, poetic and visual languages, while sharing our social and living spaces. We shared a common
evolutionary history before humanity forked off, and intra-species diseases, parasites and virus are major threats to mankind.
We now know that the DNA of not only primates, but beings from buffalo to butterflies and dolphins to dahlias is almost identical
to ours.

Perhaps we retain some traces of conciousness of our animal forebears, and this is why we find them moving, poignant, and
respond to their suffering. We rely on the non-human: on animals and raw nature to express ourselves to our own species in
metaphor and image.'                               
Here I combine surface textures, landscapes and animals from my neighbourhood streets. I have taken photos of  street and
farm animals for years. In the last two / three I began to embed the most emotive into surface textures and architectural or
landscape elements.  In early 2010 it occurred to me I had inadvertently re-invented cave art ! The primates are from Zoos.
'In The Labyrinth of Angels' :  A Visual Opera
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