'Between Ghosts and Machines
PHOTO-COLLAGE   2006-2008
Gallery  3
'Bangkok's Hall of Magic Mirrors'  
The 'Mirror' or 'Janus'  Image can make ordinary objects or scenes more intense with a beauty both
strange and magical through the ambiguity created .'Between Ghosts and Machines' is a multi-purpose
metaphor: Just as the city landscape , and buildings are a complex apparatus, bustling by day, and
haunted by night,  as if 'peopled' by the ghostly presence of all the transient spirits  who had passed
through over the  years. The human animal  is also part  bio-machine, part museum of personal and
cultural experience, driven by hope, desire and the shifting pasts of individual and collective memory.
Double Headed Janus, which is the pre-Freudian universal symbol of complexity of self between needs
and desires and doubts, has been a big formal feature in my work over the last few years. 'Bangkok
Janus' features select images from my Bangkok neighbourhood and 'voodoo Village from Landscapes
and surfaces in Thailand and England.