Photo-Paintings   2011     
In these Series surfaces  and scenes from my Bangkok neighbourhood  are combined with landscapes elements and figures
from a decade living in a Siamese environment. Together they form a non-linear  'visual opera' where the animal , vegetable and
mineral, architectural and psycho-cultural worlds engage. Some are character sketches, others; scenes and events. They draw on
 Bangkok surfaces and Thai folklore and imagery, addressing personal experiences and wider, social and political issues and
tensions of our times. Through them I explore the many forms of visual ambiguity and reference possible by combining images
and matter.
Through these works I attempt metaphor, symbol and reference in an epic narrative tradition, for a contemporary mass audience,
as if they are backdrops for plays/ movies / operas, while  the action, 'music' or 'song'  is to be slowly unravelled within each
Act /
Image/ Artwork,
and between them all as a whole.
Like in any dramatic story-telling tradition, entertainment and thrills are provided by murder, mayhem and menace, as much as by
heroics and the ideal, the beloved and admired. I mix the strange, dark beauties with the lovely, for dramatic effect, and original, as
yet unseen/unfelt truths. I believe I am a story teller/ dramatist from an ancient  value/tradition in a modern guise '..A deap sea
Fisherman trawling the limits of my skill and imagination to land rare species of visual beauty for the entertainment of an audience
of connoiseurs'
'Seven Forms of Ambiguity for the Urban Animist'   Exhibition Thavibu Gallery June 25 - Aug 13
Bangkok as Cast, Stage, Script, Self-Mirror, Symbol
Gallery 1